MTK Environment and Mineral Resources Company Limited

Exploiting and processing natural stone – Consulting services for mineral activities.

Founded in 2003, after nearly two decades of operation and development, MTK has been becoming one of the leading companies at the local in the field of mining and processing natural Marble with a range of various marble products to be supplied the customers across the country and overseas.

Own quarry, more chose, good price. We mainly focus on producing white marble with a variety of colors such as gray white, blue white, yellow stone, white cloud, white striped, etc. with surfaces like sandblasting, polishing, fading, roughing, etc. Cut to size to meet customers’ requirements. In addition, the company has expanded its products such as gravel, chip marble, calcium carbonate powder, which is commonly used in the industry as an additive and many other uses. At the same time, the Company has been cooperating with other companies with the same business lines as well so that our products are more diversified, such as basalt, granite, bluestone, etc.

Up to now, MTK has been being listed in the small group of the companies that are able to provide customers with a comprehensive solution through a closed process beginning with the stages of mining, manufacturing and processing on the lines of modern equipment, and ending with the stages of completion, quality testing, packaging, shipping, delivering and fitting up at the construction sites. With this process, we always meet the need of the best quality products and ensure the progress of construction works and projects.

Marble Processing Plant invested by MTK is located at Highway 48, Quy Hop town, Nghe An Province, Vietnam where the transportation of goods by road, by sea (90km far from Nghi Son – Thanh Hoa deep-water port, 120km far from Cua Lo sea port, 400 km far from Hai Phong seaport) as well as by railways (70 km far from Hoang Mai railway station).

With the aim of satisfying the increasingly diverse demands of the customers and meet the increasing needs of consumption with severe requirements for natural marble products in the construction industry and higher technical home decoration, An Loc Joint Stock Company has kept procurement of the machinery and equipments for the Marble mines and improving the the plant’s capacity in order to improve product quality for several years. Therefore, the capacity has been considerably increasing from 20,000 m2/ year to 120,000 m2 in this year.  That is a great achievement that An Loc Joint Stock Company has gained thanking to constant investment in upgrading, equiping new production lines with modern equipments and machineries made in leading well-known countries in the world with high technology of stone industry such as Italy, Japan, China, India, etc. Additionally, the skilled and creative staff of employees has been playing an important role of contributing, producing the best quality stone products that can meet the needs of the customers.

During development, MTK has had many domestic and foreign clients. The products were in the large countries such as U.S.A, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Uzbekistan, etc.

MTK owns two marble mines located at QUY HOP district with total marble reserves of 15,000,000 MT with good quality

Consulting services:

– Preparation of exploration project

– Construction of exploration works

– Preparation of total reserves report

– Preparation of basic design

– Investment project formulation

– Preparation of environmental impact assessment report

– Prepare environmental rehabilitation and restoration project

– Technical design – Blasting design – Blasting technical service.

+ Development orientation (1) Towards international integration, MTK has advocated a pioneer in modernizing its products and services according to international standards. In particular, the application of advanced technology and standards to bring quality