Choices for using marble (marble) in housing design

With its simple, natural colors, its features are more aesthetically pleasing than granite, marble is suitable for many categories, but the nature of marble or petrified according to wiki “Marble is the result of regional metamorphosis or donation when encountered in contact metamorphism from carbonate sedimentary rocks such as limestone or dolomite, or metamorphism from pre-existing marble. The initial rock is completely recrystallized to form the mosaic structure of calcite, aragonite or dolomite crystals.The temperature and pressure required to form marble often destroys the fossils and structures of the sedimentary rock. “So safe for users, Marble is currently the leading material for designing international villas and hotels.  As follows

1. Garden

Whether it is designed in a modern or classical style, the garden villa’s garden is a specific feature of the garden villa architecture. An important factor in the design of the villa garden is that it captures the needs of the owner and creates a fully-used garden that still has the owner’s style of modern or traditional. . Natural stone is one of the indispensable materials to create indispensable beauty in the designs. Litmus marble is suitable for many choices of sizes, designs and colors for the whole house. Top choices: Black stone with striped melon paving, sandblasted sandblasted stone, … in white, yellow, rose gold, black …

2. Gate and fence

Gate cover, fence is accepted by the market with different types of stone, convex peeled stone, polished brushed stone size 10×20 edge, combed stone … with many styles of tiles, different color schemes.

3. Living room

As a place to welcome friends and guests, using marble for wall tiles is a wise choice. A wall array using natural veins from this stone creates a very luxurious accent. Or create, to optimize the use of, milky white stone, cloudy salt white stone,

4. Facade.

We all easily come across the use of marble as a facade paving stone, however, with a little careful attention, you can notice that most of these locations are covered, less direct exposure to the light. sunshine or the impact from nature. Just to suit the aesthetic requirements of customers and ensure the beauty enduring over time, you should only use in locations where the impact from nature is limited such as rain, sun, … This stone helps attract the eyes of the viewer, creating a “unique” character for the project

5. Columns, lathes, handrails.

There are many beautiful designs, according to the design requirements of each individual house, the handrail of white stone, natural yellow stone is the best choice, durable and beautiful over time. Create the luxury of the house.

Marble is not as strong as granite, and its waterproof ability cannot be compared with granite. However, they have a beautiful pattern throughout, so they are very popular with customers. Although many customers like it, some items are limited in use

As a place subject to the impact of heat, grease and human impacts such as cutting and cutting, marble is easily scratched, causing loss of aesthetics. In addition, when scratched, the waterproof ability of this stone is not intact, plus a specific space such as the stove will cause yellow stains, seriously degrading the quality of stone.

In short, areas frequently exposed to water, grease and impact should not use marble. If so, they must be especially careful and well maintained during use.

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