1. Regulations and payment method of MTK Stones

The payment term depends on the agreement in the contract.

Forms of payment 2 main forms:

– Payment in cash: sales staff directly collect money.

– Payment via bank transfer: customers directly transfer money via bank accounts

of the company.

2. Shipping and delivery policy

– Goods will be shipped directly to your works, products are coded in accordance with technical drawings.

– The recipient will be the construction staff of MTK Stones at the project.

3. Warranty policy

3.1 Scope of warranty:

– The glossy surface of the product case is guaranteed to have no peeling off within 1 year from the date of commencement of installation.

– Warranty 01 year from the date of acceptance of the product for the error: Floor or stone walls, stairs are peeling, cracking, surface damage caused by improper construction techniques.

3.2 Scope of warranty

– There is a difference in color density of natural stones. The density of the natural stone color on the same item or different items is not considered a manufacturing defect.

– Normal wear and tear during use (the edges are no longer sharp, the waterproof layer wears off, scratches due to the use, gloss and color fade).

– The product is damaged due to improper use according to the company’s recommendations

– Stone products are damaged due to the intentional or accidental damage of the user or a third party, the use of chemicals not in accordance with the instructions, the user is allowed to correct the product by himself.

– The damage occurred in cases of force majeure such as natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, … used for the wrong purposes and instructions for use.

4. Return / exchange and refund policies

MTK Stones accepts to exchange / return goods in case the stone samples are completely different from the agreed in the contract.