MTK Stones builds a professional sales process to bring the most convenient, clear and accurate to customers with paving stone products: marble, marble, light-cross stone, …

MTK Stones specializes in supplying, consulting, designing and executing items of stair marble, kitchen stone, facade stone, elevator stone, lobby stone, bathroom and lavabo marble. , stone dining table

We build a professional sales process to bring the most convenient and clear convenience to customers.

The sales process consists of the following steps.

Phase 1: Survey, consultation

We will have a team of professional staff come directly to your project to measure, review and give advice, the most appropriate plan on the type of stone to use, the location should be stone. your work is beautiful and enduring with the most time.

If you have an idea, a separate template, An Loc Joint Stock Company will give more ideas to make your ideas sublimated.

Phase 2: Design

After having accurate data, we will draw up a detailed technical drawing of the type of stone used, the position of the stone tiles as well as the cost you need to make. You will have an overview, most specific about the work and timely repair if not satisfied.

All above stages are provided by us for free.

Phase 3: Processing

After reaching agreement between the customer and the company, the stone processing stage is then.

Granite, marble, … are processed according to the weight, size, design in accordance with the design that our company has provided to customers and are coded to ensure consistency, Absolutely accurate when conducting transportation to the construction site.

Phase 4: Construction

Our construction team will carry out construction works, handle all issues related to waterproofing, … in the correct order of code number on rocks and drawings under the strict supervision of the management team. Ly, experts with many years of experience, we will ensure the quality of the project reaches the most perfect for you.

Phase 5: Acceptance

Only when receiving the consent, the absolute satisfaction of our customers with our products will the project end officially.

The acceptance stage seems to be the shortest, as every customer is satisfied with our aesthetics and quality of our paving stones, even for the most demanding customers.

Phase 6: Warranty.

Warranty 01 – 02 years depending on stone products and construction items

=> Promotion mode and after-sales service for customers will be applied from time to time together.

Quality of construction is the first element that we commit to bring value to customers.

Not only good construction services, the company also offers customers many other attractive incentives such as:

– The most competitive granite construction price.

– Supporting stone transportation for customers in Vinh city and neighboring provinces.

– In addition, the warranty for works from 1 to 2 years will give you absolute peace of mind.