The reason why Quy Hop stone is always favored by foreign countries

Many loving people wonder why natural stone is always received internationally. In addition to the superiority in quality, satisfying the users for the following required colors and sizes Anloc Stone would like to introduce about this special mineral:

1. What is marble?

Marble is also known as marble. A natural stone composed of carbonate minerals crystallized with coarse-grained architecture, commonly used for sculpting, building or decorative materials.

– Common product types: Salt white, Quy Hop White Stone, Crystal White Viet Nam Marble, Nghe An White Marble, Milk White Marble, Pure White Marble, White Polar Marble, Vietnam Crystal White Marble, saffron yellow stones, Milky white stone, black stone match …

– General description: For Crystal White marble (salt white stone) is a stream of rocks that have not many crystals arranged next to each other, giving an impression of white color all over the stone surface, like welding thousands of salt balls together. , properties: they have a hardness of about 3, 4 (diamond scale 10), they easily react with acidic solutions to create yellow stains, stains cannot be removed. Normally, the stone will be coated with a waterproof layer on the surface, however, if the solution such as alcohol or grease for more than 3 4 hours will make the stone stains.

– Surface finishing: Polished, honed (honde), split, cut many sizes

2. Advantages and disadvantages of marble

Advantages of marble

– Veinstone:

Marble has natural color patterns, more vivid and harmonious; any natural stone. Stone veins when smooth as the. Every cut marble is unique, and should not be mixed because the texture of each marble is not the same. It is this property that makes marble kick out of the competition – marble and become the most favorite material.

– Color:

The colors of marble are extremely diverse. In addition to the three most popular colors, white, black, cream, marble, there are other colors such as red, pink, gray, blue … suitable for projects with many different architectural styles: classical, neo from classic to modern.

– Reliability:

In terms of durability, this is one of the natural materials that has a toughness that defies time and withstands strong impact.

– Heat resistance:

This is the advantage of marble over other natural stones. Good heat resistance, fire resistance, safety for all spaces of the house, especially kitchen space.


– Waterproofing properties: Due to its natural structure, marble is easy to absorb water and difficult to clean and maintain. If using for the interior, you should pay attention to this feature to ensure the original beauty of the stone. Avoid letting water seep back into the crevices, causing mold, color change affecting aesthetics.

– Hardness: Although it has quite high hardness and durability, but because it is formed from limestone and is porous, marble still has less hardness than granite.

– Construction cost: Due to poor hardness and fragility during the process of moving, marble stone construction requires high level of construction and skill.

3. Excellent application of marble

– Living room floor marble

With fancy and vivid natural veins and distinctive aesthetics, better than granite, marble is used in many different categories, including living room. This is a place to welcome friends, guests, … so another room is like the “face” of the owner, so using this natural stone tiling is perfect.

– Marble bathroom

Bathroom space becomes so much more relaxing and relaxing with white and gray stripes.

– Kitchen hood

If the stone is treated with waterproofing, marble can be used for the kitchen area to bring a luxurious and sparkling beauty to the space here.

The kitchen surface with soft curling lines will surely stimulate all senses and taste buds of the viewer.

– Marble stone stairs

Elegant, sophisticated and full of charm, the staircase will become a great highlight for a luxury home. To avoid human-induced scratches, you can wear soft, fluffy sandals to keep the original beauty.

The selection of colors, stone patterns and stylish design and handrails also contribute to the setting of fairy tales.

The steps were like floating, not knowing which heaven would lead people to.

– Marble dining table

Another common use for marble is being used as a dining table.

Mysterious black marble surface, simple pattern, not monotonous, no less prominent. The elegance and class that this stone model brings will not fade with time.

Natural white color with magnificent flying beauty, white marble with clouds creating a trendy and noble space.

– Front facing marble

Marble is only suitable for facade cladding with architectural works that are regularly maintained and suitable for places with little impact of the external environment.

– Lavabo is made of marble

It is not difficult for you to encounter marble lavabo in luxury restaurants and hotels. Equipping this stone lavabo contributes to adding value and asserting its class works.

As in the lavabo sample below, the lavabo is designed with white color and rocky curves like water waves. This color is both clean and luxurious, ensuring that visitors cannot help but admire.

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