This regulation aims to unify the contents of the warranty policy for the products of MTK Stones to ensure the quality of products and services of the company.


This regulation aims to unify the contents of the warranty policy for the products of MTK Stones to ensure the quality of products and services of the company.


– Applicable object: applies to warranty products of Granite, Marble, Travertine…

– Scope of application: applies to sales and after sales activities of the Company


1. For users:

Failure to follow the instructions below will lead to damage to the product to varying degrees from appearance to durability and durability of the product, which is also considered a fault. User’s warranty results in void of part or the whole of the product.

2. Instructions for use:

2.1. Things to do

– Do use a doormat or thick carpet in key locations with high concentration of densities such as the front hall, the floor in front of the stairs, the washing place, the bowl … to avoid slipping and avoiding sand grains causing scratches. Scratched due to friction during travel. Protect the foot of the chair or other items that come into contact with the stone frequently with pieces of plastic or soft objectsOther avoid scratching the stone surface.

– Vacuum regularly, especially in places with a large number of people traveling to avoid sand particles causing scratches due to friction.

– Use a felt or a clean cloth to wipe the surface when there is dust or stains, you can use a damp cloth after wringing out all the water.

– If the stone surface is not too dirty nor should be cleaned daily, only use chicken feather brushes to clean dust. Use fresh water with neutral soap weekly, with a soft, clean cloth, to keep the stone surface clean. Every year, it is necessary to repell to ensure that the stone does not stain.

– For spilled stains: Wipe immediately with paper towels, cotton towels. Only wipe the dirty area, wipe from outside to inside so the stain does not spread. Rub a little soapy water then wash several times. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Repeat several times until clean.

– When spilling oil, alcohol, coffee, tea … dry immediately to avoid seeping into the stone. Areas prone to spillage of dirty water need polishing, waterproofing stone surface periodically and waterproofing must be of the right type so that the stone color will not be changed.

– Marble is suitable for households and offices with normal travel intensity, if using the product in a public place it may affect the surface and durability of the product.

– When using the floor machine, make sure that the felt is not a soft synthetic fiber, because the felt is usually synthetic fiber machine. This type is only suitable for scrubbing concrete or rough materials that are not suitable for soccer.

– Depending on the level of use and damage of the stone surface, it is necessary to have the polishing regime for maintenance every 6 months or 12 months or maybe longer if the daily maintenance is done well.

– After a period of use (up to 2 years) the stone floor is scratched due to mechanical effects as well as the impact of the surrounding environment such as humidity of air, sunlight, rain, … lost floor surface shine to the original, then the floor needs maintenance and polishing.

2.2. Things to avoid.

– Do not wash the stone floor or leave water, floor cleaning water on the stone surface.

– Absolutely do not use strong acidic detergents such as toilet detergent, vinegar to clean Marble, because Marble is derived from limestone (CaCO3), the acidic detergents will destroy Destroy stones.

– Do not pull objects with bases, sharp edges on the floor.

– Wear shoes, sandals with gritty, sand … on the stone surface. Do not use hard objects to scrape or sandpaper on the surface of the stone.

– Avoid common drinks and chemicals in contact with the stone floor, because they can damage the stone floor: juices, shaving cream, alcoholic drinks, soda, aromatic oils, water nail polish remover, ketchup, mustard sauce, vinegar, supermarket cleaning chemicals, dishwashing detergents, hair-bending chemicals, bath soap containing EDTA, grain salt, sand , toothpaste, flushing water, toilet cleaning chemicals and any solutions that contain acids or alkalis.- In order for the stone surface to be seriously damaged to be polished, it will be complicated, time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes irreparably damaged.

3. Product warranty

3.1. Warranty scope:

– Surface glossy coating of the product is warranted no peeling within 01 year from the date of installation.

– Warranty 01 year from the date of acceptance of the product for the error: Floor or stone walls, stairs are peeling, cracking, surface damage caused by improper construction techniques.

3.2. Warranty scope

– There is a difference in color density of natural stones. The density of the natural stone color on the same item or different items is not considered a fault of the product.

– Normal wear and tear during use (the edges are no longer sharp, the waterproof layer wears off, scratches due to the use, gloss and color fade).

– The product is damaged due to improper use according to the company’s recommendations

– Stone products are damaged due to the intentional or accidental damage of the user or a third party, the use of chemicals not in accordance with the instructions, the user is allowed to correct the product by himself.

– The damage occurred in cases of force majeure such as natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, … used for the wrong purposes and instructions for use.