Why should choose natural stone facing the front of the house

It can be said that the facade is the overall face, the first impression in expressing the aesthetic value of a house or any construction work. A house with luxurious, beautiful and harmonious interior decoration without investing in the proper frontage decoration will not show the class of the work and the sophistication of the homeowner. That is why the front of the house is currently being decorated by homeowners. And the current trend, facades stone is a top choice today.

Outdoor paint for facade is often easy to fade over time, when it is dirty, it is difficult to clean, high maintenance cost. Therefore, natural stone facades were born as an optimal alternative and become a new wind, bringing a difference to the architecture.

In addition, because the front of the house is often subject to the impact of weather and nature, in addition to choosing stone in accordance with the architecture and aesthetics, it is necessary to pay attention to choose a stone with quality and durability. high.

Some types of natural stone facades are in top favor today

1. Nghe An peeled stone decorative cladding

Split stone is a natural stone, split from a large block of rock, the stone is uniform in color, has gravel and is easily paved. Split stone has many colors, the most common are dark green, yellow, rose gold, mouse fur. Split natural stone is of heterogeneous size and cleverly tiled by masons to create a way for exterior walls.

The split stone has a large size and a variety of designs, pieces of different sizes, so when paving with split stone, the worker does not need to spend too much effort in aligning but still gives the wall a very destructive look. Common sizes 10x20cm, 7,5x20cm, 15x30cm ..

2. Face-faceted, angled or beveled stones

Exterior wall grinding stones come in a variety of colors from: bright blue, dark blue, pink shade, cream yellow, red marker … the colors are very elegant, so it is easy to coordinate with each surface space. as smooth as the wall of the house facade. Natural stone facade cladding when walling always brings comfort, safety, absolute dryness in humid tropical climate like our country.

3. Peeled rock

For houses near streets with a lot of people walking, with a lot of dusty, you should choose convex wall tiles, which should not be cladding with free sawn stone, because dirt will stick to the grooves, that makes the wall. The walls are fast and old and can grow mosses, making the landscape of the building disappear.

4. Rocks | Slotted stone

Advantages of natural stone facades

– The natural stones facing the facade thanks to the process of forming hundreds of millions of years, so they are extremely durable, withstand all effects of weather without changing almost anything. In addition, since they are natural stones, they are extremely friendly and safe for users.

– Natural stone is waterproof, not moss-molded, so it keeps the color durable, bringing long-lasting beauty to the front of the house.

– The decorative facade stones with rich and diverse colors and patterns should be used to decorate the facade of a house or building that will bring a unique and impressive feature to the space.

Or you can also refer to some other natural stones at decorative paving stones. Surely the facade of your house will look different and stand out. Hope that our sharing above will be helpful for you in the plan of decorating an impressive and stylish facade for your home.

Good luck!

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